Daily Habits That Can Affect Posture and How Massage Helps

Specific postures can become habits and hurt our bodies in the long run. Therefore, it is essential to have the proper body posture while growing up significantly. Massage therapy plays a vital role in helping you with the pain caused by bad posture. You will find a quality massage center in Abu Dhabi. Let’s look at a few daily habits that affect our posture.


Slouching is commonly noticed in young adults. Slouching involves bending the spine and straining the back while seated, causing increased pain and pressure on the discs, muscles, and joints. If not treated promptly, this can lead to chronic pain.

The Best Way To Fix It

  • Make a conscious effort to sit upright while maintaining an arch in the lower back, with the head upright and shoulders back.
  • Use an ergonomic chair that will offer good pelvic and lumbar support.

Carrying a Load On A Single Side

Whenever you go shopping or marketing, do you find yourself comfortable carrying heavy bags with a particular hand? Do you carry your handbag or laptop bag on a specific shoulder? If so, then this could be the reason you’re facing issues because overusing your shoulder or arm causes it to dip a bit lower in comparison to the other.

The Best Way To Fix It

  • Make a conscious effort not to carry loads frequently with this particular shoulder and arm.
  • Switch from using handbags to backpacks. Make sure you have handles that allow you to use the weight on both shoulders instead of a single one.

Pressure on a Particular Leg

Over the years, you begin to choose a particular leg to be stronger than the other, and you end up using that leg more often. Have you ever found yourself standing with all your body weight on a single leg? If you overuse a particular leg or hip over a while, it will affect the balance of your body, creating a misalignment with the neck, shoulder, back, and hips.

The Best Way To Fix It

  • Make a conscious effort to distribute your body weight evenly while standing.
  • Make sure the feet are as wide as the shoulder width, and your toes must point forward.

Making a Neck Bend

Nowadays, it is a prevalent problem because people are always on their phones, leaning forward to utilize them. Excessive usage of intelligent gadgets, according to medical diagnosis, causes this type of harm. It’s referred to as “text neck.” Discomfort in the shoulders, back, and neck are some symptoms.

The Most Effective Method for Resolving the Issue

  • Make a deliberate effort to keep your phone up and level with your head when you’re using it.
  • Good posture, such as standing straight with shoulders back, keeps the body in a neutral alignment.


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Daily Habits That Can Affect Posture and How Massage Helps