What is A Frozen Shoulder and How A Massage Can Help Bring Relief

Overtly using your shoulders, sudden impact, and/or lifting too heavy can result in unbearable pain in your shoulders. In extreme cases, the person might lose their shoulder mobility entirely. In such cases, it is also very likely that they will become stiff. Stroke and diabetes are some other health conditions that can result in a frozen shoulder. In case you are suffering from intense pain you should consider consulting a doctor or a physiotherapist. Getting a thorough medical check-up done is highly recommended. You can also talk to your doctor about getting a massage as they are known to relieve pain as well. You can visit the Russian massage centre in Dubai and book a session if the pain is too intense.

Stage 1

This stage is known as freezing. In this stage, there is a huge spike in the levels of pain that results in a decrease in the movement of the shoulders. This might result in complete refusal to use the shoulders by the person suffering and unfortunately, this will aggravate the pain even more. This pain can last for some weeks up to a few months depending on how soon you start the treatment.

Stage 2

This is known as the frozen stage. In this stage, the pain usually recedes but it becomes impossible for the person to move their shoulders. Given that the entirety of the range of motion is diminished, the person becomes incapable of completing any tasks. In fact, for most people, it becomes impossible to even lift their arm by an inch.

Stage 3

This is called thawing and is essentially the recovery period. This can last anywhere between some months to almost 2 years. The time period required to recover depends almost entirely on how severe the pain is and the built-up of scar tissue. As recovery progresses, the individual becomes capable of lifting their arms and completing tasks. The pain recedes and disappears entirely as the inflammation decreases.


Shoulder mobility can be regained by creating a treatment plan in collaboration with your doctor or the physiotherapist. Massages can substantially help in alleviating shoulder pain. They are extremely beneficial in releasing the tightness and the tension of the muscles. Massage therapy helps in increasing the flow of the blood to the areas being targeted. This helps in relaxing your muscles as well as reducing inflammation. Swelling and tenderness in the areas around the muscles can also be addressed through massages. This helps in reducing the pain and helps the person in regaining their ability to move their arms entirely.


However, consulting a physiotherapist or a doctor before making any massage appointments is recommended. A professional masseuse and/or a physiotherapist might be able to recommend the massage that will alleviate your pain entirely depending on your specific condition. They’ll also ensure that the massage is done correctly and in no way makes your pain or injury even worse. Moreover, a good massage helps in not just eliminating pain but also in the maintenance of a person’s overall wellbeing. You can click here to understand more about the benefits of massages.

What is A Frozen Shoulder and How A Massage Can Help Bring Relief